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Our Story

Whistling Winds Angus is a local family-run-America Proud- Made in Montana-Cattle Producer that has been producing supreme females and superior bulls.   We strive to make the most of everything mother nature and science has to offer. Only the finest survive our extensive cull checklist, so you can be sure you are buying the best.

Located in the Golden Triangle, this ranch also farms, growing wheat and pulse crops.  The cows winter at the ranch north of Hingham and summer from Highway 2 heading north to the Canadian border taking advantage of the few and far between summer rains.

We wish to progress our registered Angus cattle through sustainable cows which produce calves that perform from the pasture to the feedlot.  Our ideal cattle program is to raise cattle of moderate size with optimal milking and fertility; a functional cow with a balanced set of maternal and carcass traits.  We utilize phenotype as much as EPD's.

We started, 19 years ago, selling our bulls' private treaty to our neighbors.  We have had a lot of faithful support from our neighbors.  Our bulls, then, were marketed with Montana's Northern Premier Angus Sale. And now, FINALLY, our bulls will sell proudly from their home~Whistling Winds Angus, Hingham, Montana!  Keep a close watch as we continue to expand our herd's numbers in order to provide larger sire groups and also to ensure we exceed the expectations of more customers, friends, and neighbors.


Come visit us with your family at Whistling Winds Angus.  The herd is always accessible for a tour.

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